5 Insider Secrets to Identify High-Quality Waisted Leggings Revealed!

High-waisted leggings are here to stay because they have become an integral part of fashion, yoga practice and workout – both for daily fashion and active wear. However, investing in the right pair of leggings that will really go the distance is very important with more than a few options available to choose from. 

Here’s how you can spot the high-quality waisted leggings for your yoga practice. 

Secret #1 

The Price 

To be factual, some waisted legging brands for women are outrageously costly. It’s essential to bear in mind that a high price doesn’t always equal high quality. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, you are spending too much if you invest more than your monthly Internet or phone bill on a pair of leggings! It simply means that the level of quality doesn’t actually increase beyond this point. On the other hand, you won’t find quality waisted leggings at an extremely or ridiculously low price. 

Secret #2

Quality Of The Fabric

When it comes to fabric quality, always remember the acronym SCAR (Stretch, Compression, Airy, Retention). In the technical aspects and product details of a legging, look for keywords such as bounce-back shape retention, ventilation, and sweat-wicking technology, lightweight compression, and 4-way stretch.

While the 4-way stretch of the waisted legging gives you a hugged fit for all-day comfort, lightweight compression supports and shapes your legs. On the other hand, the sweat-wicking intends to make you stay dry by drawing the moisture from your skin.

In addition, stylish treatments such as the laser cut puncture or mesh insert encourage ventilation and enhance the cool factor (factually and figuratively). As you want to be able to wash your waisted leggings and have them retain their original fit without looking baggy and loose over time, shape retention is the solution. 

Secret #3 


Coverage is essential to a great pair of waisted leggings and goes hand-in-hand with the fabric quality. Search for leggings with gusset or crotch panel to ensure quality coverage. Furthermore, search for ventilation at the inseam gusset to make sure you are getting fresh sensation wear upon wearing. 

Secret #4 

Functional Details 

All you want in a yoga practice is the ability to securely and safely carry your essentials. Moreover, it’s vital to get details that make the wear and care of the workout leggings easy.

Here is a list of some details to look for:

  • Hidden, inner waistband pocket for keeping your keys.
  • External side or back zip pockets for protection
  • Several carrying alternatives such as built-in side pockets for electronics
  • Ankle edging zippers for wearing and pulling of fitted leggings
  • Unremitting drawcord means that you’ll in no way lose it to washing
  • Machine washable or dryable waisted leggings for easy maintenance
  • A broad waistband with supportive and helpful panels for all-day comfort

Secret #5

Customizable Size

Look for customizable options that will allow you to adjust size features if you want your waisted leggings to fit perfectly and unique. The key is to add internal drawcord as it will let you adjust the fit of the waistband as required. 


Following this secret will help you discover best high-waisted leggings for a living – for yoga practice, workout and rest with technical fabrics and intelligent design. There are workout leggings for women, waisted leggings, yoga pants, and body shapers, from statement-making styles to the foundational you can choose from if high-quality is all you are looking for.