Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

The well-known triangle pose is also called the Trikonasana. As you have probably guessed by now, Trikona means triangle and asana. Well, we all know what that means – it is in every yoga pose. This specific pose is special because you must keep your eyes wide open during the entire time to maintain your body balance. Here are the necessary steps and effective tips to master this pose.

Main Steps to Perform the Triangle Pose

1. Starting Position
Stand up and keep your feet at a hip-width distance. It is best to place your soles on a mat. Your arms should remain in a resting position near your torso. Take a moment to breathe deeply, and clear your mind. Let your thoughts pass to make sure you’re ready for this pose.

2. Feet Spreading
Now it is time to spread your feet. Do this slowly. Otherwise, you might risk a fall or an injury. The risk will be a lot lower when you work on a yoga mat. Try to maintain a distance of four feet between your legs. If you cannot spread that wide, a three-feet distance is also a good start.

3. Feet Positioning
To manage and maintain the triangle pose easily and correctly, your feet must point in different directions while creating different angles. Let’s start with the right foot. Turn it away from the body until the toes point outward. It should create a 90-degree angle. Move your left foot slightly inward until your toes form an estimated 45-degree angle.

4. Arms Positioning
Your arms must be extended on your torso’s sides, being parallel to the mat or the floor. So, raise your arms until they form a straight line. Don’t forget to align your body, especially arms and shoulders. Keep your fingers pointed in line with the rest of the arms. Another important detail to remember is that your palms should always face towards the floor.

5. Doing the Actual Triangle Pose
Inhale slowly and deeply, and start bending your body especially the upper part to your right. During the bending part, you should exhale. You can start on the right side. Both your arms’ positions should form approximately a 90-degree angle. One hand is pointing down while the other is extended towards the ceiling.
To avoid injuries, keep your spine neutral and straight and bend your body from your hips. Place the right arm on your right ankle as low as you can reach it. Stretch your body as much as possible.

6. Finishing Touches
Turn your head until your face is almost up while gazing at the extended arm. Make sure not to push yourself too hard. It might take some time until your body becomes more flexible. Hold this pose for at least 15-20 seconds or until it stops feeling comfortable.

When your muscles feel strained, release the pose slowly while being in control of your movements. Then, you can return to the initial position. For better results, you should repeat the triangle pose a couple of times.

Bottom Line
The triangle pose has a lot of physical and health benefits such as burning fat, boosting muscle mass, lowering back pain, improving posture, and more. However, if you have serious back pain issues, you should seek a doctor’s advice before trying this asana.