Yoga Fashion Tips

Winter demands a change in general clothing and your yoga wear is no exception. While selecting yoga tops and leggings for women, choose well-fitted items in dark colors, such as black, slate or dark grey. With the right kind of yoga wear in your wardrobe, nothing can stop you from reaching fitness goals even during the harshest of winters!

While choosing workout clothes for women, keeping fashion in mind is necessary. Bootcut yoga pants are in this year. Keep the tops basic and simple as a lot of experiment is being done with bottoms. Let’s dive in deeper to unravel some more winter trends.


Multipurpose Outfits
Ideal yoga pants and tops are those which can be worn indoors and outdoors as well. Whether you are practicing outside or inside, they should keep you warm.

Stick to the Trends
As we mentioned before, winter is all about dark solid colors; therefore, avoid buying prints and florals and stick to warm fleece leggings that can be worn with any top.

Layering is the key
Buying only yoga wear is not sufficient this winter. It is also advisable to choose a few layering options with it to keep you warm. Purchase a shawl or a jacket along with gloves to retain your body heat.

Wear Your Capris
If you own a pair of capris which you can’t wear in the winter, we have the perfect option for you. Wear leg warmers with the capris to keep your legs warm and to be able to use it even in winter.

Keep Your Feet Protected
If you have experienced chills upon removing shoes and socks before you begin your yoga session, then wearing knit socks is the best option. This will help you achieve your usual feet-related poses with ease—without frostbite!

Cozy Up in Your Workout Clothes
In winter, ditch those Lycra leggings and put on buttery soft leggings that will keep you warm. Pair them with a long-sleeve shirt and you are good to go.

Opt for Heavier Fabrics
As it is winter, choose yoga wear that is made from heavier fabrics like tweed and fleece. These materials not only help keep you warm but do not restrict movement during yoga practice.

General tips
Make sure you have everything you need before you go to yoga class. Even if you are practicing yoga at home, make sure you wear warm layers as a protected body is less susceptible to injury.
Also, ensure that you carry an extra pair of warm clothes with you to your class as a sweaty outfit can give you a chill when you step outside. This can have an adverse effect on your immune system

Overall, it is necessary to understand that yoga is different from other workouts. It is not about only following the latest trends, it is also about discovering oneself and paving a path to complete fitness and transformation. However, you can have more fun when you buy clothing keeping fashion in mind as it helps you feel more beautiful and gracious inside out.