Yoga Practice for Plus-size People

Who Is Best Suited for Yoga

There is a general feeling or perception that yoga is a practice for slim, small sized people. It is understandable how this perception came to be mainly because of the advertisements. The products that are sold in the market; especially the clothes, shoes, mats, and other supplies seem to target only smaller sized people. It is no wonder that plus-sized people generally keep away from yoga classes or are afraid to ask about it.

However, it is important to dispel this notion. In fact, there is no perfect yoga body. Yoga is a practice that is designed to benefit everyone, even those who consider themselves to be big. In addition, there is more to yoga than the poses and the exercises. For example, meditation can be helpful to just about everyone since it teaches students how to understand and master their thoughts.

For the sake of those who feel uncomfortable about joining a yoga class due to the body size, here are a few tips that can help you in seeking out and joining a yoga class.

Choose the Right Type of Yoga

There are many types of yoga that currently exists. Each variant is designed to benefit individuals in one way or another. For example, Vinyasa yoga is a slower paced style where poses take much longer than in most other types. Therefore, it is possible to attend the class thatbest works for you, instead of forcing yourself into a class all your peers attend.

Do Not Force It: Listen to Your Body

Whichever class you choose to join, listening to your body is key to succeeding in yoga. Remember, the goal is not to break your bones or hurt yourself. Therefore, if you start out on a pose and it starts to hurt, leave it and start on a different one. Do this and take time until it suits you. Learn how your body operates and proceed at your own pace.

Skip Some Poses When They Do Not Work for You

Understand that when you are taking certain poses, you have to keep in mind how much weight you carry. For example, when you do a hand stand, it means that your hands will have to accommodate the weight of your body. If you are not careful, it is easy to injure yourself while doing that.

Instead of taking the risk, skip the pose and do something that is related instead. For example, you can you can lie on your back and trying to lift your feet into the air with the assistance of your hands. By doing so, you achieve something close to the skipped pose.

Use Props and Straps

The reason why items like props, straps, and blocks are incorporated into yoga is to offer assistance. For example, it may not be possible for a plus-sized person to do a hamstring stretch. But with the assistance of a strap, you can easily touch your toes with your hands.

Work with an Understanding Instructor

Each trainer has his or her own method of running their yoga practice. There are those who can be understanding to individual student, but there are also those who may not have as much grace. Instead of giving up on yoga, identify a teacher who will accommodate your specific needs.

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Remember, yoga is not designed for people with a given body type. Therefore, your self-confidence matters a lot when choosing to take a yoga class.